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Resume SamplesMost people that attempt their own resumes "undersell" themselves. From entry level to executive level, people do not demonstrate their successes on a resume. Our experience has been that executives with responsibilities for millions of dollars in corporate revenues have a difficult time successfully selling their qualifications. These professionals represent their companies on a daily basis, but when it is their own qualifications their modesty takes over.

Following are three free resume samples. Each includes before and after example resumes.

Professional   before  |  after
The professional resume is very common.  The errors in this example are most common.  In this professional resume, the client gave himself very little credit in his experiences.  In the “before Sample: he utilized basic job descriptions to explain his career.  In the “after resume,” you will notice that he has many successes articulated to demonstrate his value to employers and give dollar amounts to demonstrate his responsibility in his various roles.   More

Executive   before  |  after
In this executive resume, the focus was to emphasize keywords of the clients to ensure that the reader immediately understood the client's areas of expertise. This layout is great for executive resumes.   More

Career Change*    before  |  after
In this professional resume, the customer was looking to make a career change. If the resume was in a reverse chronological resume the reader would only see teaching experience so we had to make it a functional resume format. It was important to break this resume down by skill set to demonstrate that this client has skills in Leadership, Sales and Communications, and Training/Instruction.   More

Military-to-Civilian*    before  |  after
This professional resume was a military to civilian resume. Many people in the military are so used to the acronyms and jargon they do not think of their audience - the Human Resources Manager. This resume made the military experience seem applicable for the job for which the client was applying. This also demonstrated the client's aptitude for promotability and gave numbers when appropriate.

* Can be applied to any package.

More Resume Samples

Resume Sample 1 - This professional resume was focused on demonstrating results-focused information including numbers and percentages to prove the success of this client throughout his career. You will also note the use of key words.

Resume Sample 2 - This executive resume was focused on demonstrating the client's progressive career and keywords to have his resume selected above others in a scan for keywords. The key issue with this resume was to highlight monetary achievements, increases and the client's ability to perform as President.

Resume Sample 3 - This professional resume was a client that was a nationally renowned accountant. It was key to maintain confidentiality of the details of the cases of which she was involved but to still demonstrate the successes on behalf of the client. We highlighted this client's forensic accounting experience and deemphasized her other accounting experiences in this layout.

Resume Sample 4 - This is a college resume. We highlighted this clients successes to date, utilizing key words and making the resume more focused on his successes throughout college.

Resume Sample 5 - In this professional resume, we focused on the clients accomplishments throughout his career. We made it very easy to see how this client could benefit his next employer. You will see many percentages, increases, rankings and dollar amounts. For sales resumes, the reader wants to see numbers.

Resume Sample 6 - This technical resume was focused on listing technical keywords to ensure this resume is picked up after going through keyword- scanning software. The resume speaks to his specific areas of expertise, focusing on what he accomplished throughout his career beyond a standardized job description.

Resume Sample 7 - This professional resume was very results-oriented. The key for this professional resume is demonstrated progression throughout his career, and showing why he was selected for promotions above peers. Keywords are also very prevalent in this resume.



This resume just blew my mind! I can't thank you enough for your tremendous work. This whole thing is a million times better than I ever expected it to be!